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Introducing the Melchizedek Project: Receive the Tools for Discernment

We are pleased to announce a new discernment program for young adult Catholic men, beginning this Fall: The Melchizedek Project! Free to all participants, the program provides resources to deepen one’s vocational discernment. Men will meet to pray about their lives, listen for God’s voice, and get serious about answering God’s call. Using Fr. Brett Brannen’s To Save a Thousand Souls as a guide, participants will be able to ask themselves and discuss: Am I willing to follow Christ no matter what the cost, what the call? Will I choose to trust His will for me, and courageously go where He leads?

Catholic men ages 18-30 are invited to join us for “The Melchizedek Project.” This seven-session series will occur on every second Thursday of the month at St. Mel Parish in Fair Oaks from 7:00PM-8:30PM, beginning September 14, 2017. These sessions will be led by a priest and help you to gain the spiritual tools needed for discerning your vocation. 

There is no cost or obligation. To register, please contact our office at 916-733-0258 or Consider it! Consider priesthood! 

(Download the flyer for The Melchizedek Project here.)


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