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This website is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento to help young men answer the divine call to embrace the ministerial priesthood. It also serves as a resource for parents to assist them in fostering vocations among their children.

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Summer in the Shrine


The last ten days have been well…kinda slow. That, however, is no excuse for not keeping up the posting. So Let’s try and recap.

Of course the most important thing is the World Cup, in fact I am sure that if I watched less soccer I could have done more posting (and other work).  Radio Santisimo Sacramento is, of course, a Spanish language apostolate and is located on the campus of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So the World Cup was a big deal…I mean big…I calculated and productivity declined to a 3 minutes of every working hour. No not really but it was in the background. The Final was a tough one, well it would have been easier if it the nations were not the fatherland of the Holy Father and the Emeritus Holy Father…I mean how do you pick one pope over another?  I ended up watching the game with Joshua Keeney and Fr Avram Brown (you should be able to find info on both here in our website) It was a fun time especially since we were hosted by a warm family in Father’s parish.

There is an international organization called the Serra Club and their annual convention was hosted here in Sacramento. It was quite an event. I didn’t attend the convention but had the privilege of serving at two of the liturgies for this event. On Thursday, July 10, Bishop Soto celebrated the Opening Mass in the Cathedral. There were more than 500 people in attendance, two con-celebrating bishops and roughly 20 con-celebrating priests. After the Mass was a small procession of the Blessed Sacrament and then Saturday was the closing Mass of the convention at the Cathedral again. After the Mass we seminarians who served were invited to their banquet. It was quite an affair, and thank goodness clerical attire covers all events! The food was delicious,the folks were kind and welcoming.

Thursday night after Mass the guys and I went out and had a nice meal at Chop’s. It was two fold both because we were together but also because the next day was the anniversary of my birth. It is always good when we get together…it’s even in the Psalms “Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers live as one” look it up…

Saturday I went to Gridley, Ca to promote the radio station in that parish. Fr Avram is a great guy and it was a great visit. That weekend was a Kermes for the Cursillo group of our diocese. Kermes is a Spanish word and is sort of like a small festival, typically there is food, games, dancing but its not a carnival or a parish festival. I ran into some good friends from pastoral year so that was a pleasant surprise as well.

Since Fr Avram was so kind to let me crash his parish this week I have decided to feature his vocation story. It’s on our youtube channel. So Check it out! Consider it Consider Priesthood!




Discernment Reflection: Sacrifice

This summer I have meet a lot of people and the usual question comes up “How long until  you are ordained?”  I have to admit its exciting to say ” in two years” and then we talk about seminary and how long it takes and the concluding remarks usually go along these lines ” Well, stay strong two years fly by” to which I reply “If it is anything like this last six I’ll be ordained tomorrow”.   I’ve also had a conversation which takes second place easily and it goes something like this ” Yea, I don’t think I’m gonna be priest/ With my personality I don’t think I”m called to the priesthood, but I”m open”. I think this is the saddest statement any man can make about the priesthood.  I often think it means “It’s crossed my mind but I don ‘t really like the idea so I won’t say no but I am not saying yes”
Our Lord tells us in the gospel that unless a grain of wheat dies it bears not fruit, it just stays a grain of wheat. Well, the whole Christian life is like that.  For some reason, perhaps cultural or societal conditioning, many people think or want life will give them maximum comfort and satisfaction with minimal effort, we all want the good life. The ancient Greeks certainly prized the good life but unlike us it was something attained, something for which one worked and fought. If you don’t agree with me and don’t want to read the philosophers read The Odyssey, even the cliff notes.Perhaps I am making a bold claim here in that this is is case and perhaps I am wrong, but this is not only an observation but a reflection worth writing about.
When a person decides to follow a path, to obtain a goal he has to make sacrifices but there is also recompense for those sacrifices, pay off, if you will. When a man enters priestly formation that is not always the case. There a number of years between day one and the day of ordination. Yes there are definitely mile markers which signal we are getting closer but more important than that is sense of the good life, true fulfillment. Not always fun, not always happiness but fulfillment. I’ve had less than beautiful experiences but have always been fulfilled.  We as human beings need and want a life that demands sacrifice that challenges us to put ourselves aside and reach for something bigger. It’s the only way we get anything worth having.
So why is this a discernment reflection? Because you, the young man reading this, need to know that you have to make sacrifices in life but that they are worth it. Whether it is the sacrifices you have to make to be a holy man, the sacrifice of celibacy or the sacrifice of fatherhood, they all lead to our greatest good-heaven. Once you can accept this and make the sacrifices you can see the fruits of it, firstly in your contentment in life. There’s only one way to eternal happiness, the Cross, and there is only one way to earthly happiness as well. We weren’t made to be a single grain of wheat, we were made to bear abundant fruit.

Summer in the Shrine

Well…welll…well…Just as I was feeling pleased with myself about posting I lost track of time. The last few weeks have been full of a lot of activity so I will try and re cap here as best as I can.

Our FIAT missions are in full swing as we begin our second and final month for this summer’s operation. On June 25th we had our “Discerner Open House” which was quite an event. We had nine young men attend ranging in age from 17-29 and all in different points of discernment from “being open” to seriously considering the priesthood and seminary. Please keep them in your prayers. In just a few weeks we will have our discernment retreat and our final Discerner Open House, please pray for those events as well. If you are a young man between 17-30 residing in the Diocese of Sacramento and are interested in attending you can contact our diocesan office of Vocations at 916-733-0258 or

There’s two new articles you can check out down below in our featured links section. I found them pretty interesting as well. Also this article is pretty interesting as well.  I think it is pretty true; sadly it is hard for people, even with holy and noble intentions,  to take up their cross and follow the Lord when it comes to discernment. Often times we begin with ourselves in discernment and not God…which is… rather…interesting since no matter to which vocation we are called He does the calling. Anyway, enough of my rambling check the article out!  This article about the Holy Father and the priesthood has been out for a while but I missed the boat in getting it out here, give it a read!

June 22 was the feast of Corpus Christi and at St Thomas More it was celebrated with a lovely procession around our parish grounds. Corpus Christi is my favorite feast (outside of Christmas and the Triduum) so I was happy to be there. Then last Sunday, June 29, Feast of Sts Peter and Paul was my farewell party at the parish as well.  It wasn’t really a farewell, but rather a celebration of the last year together. I say this because I was blessed by God to form relationships with many people there which will not end with the pastoral year and I hope, God willing, to go back several times and even offer Mass once a priest. A shout out to all the people who worked so hard to put the party on and mad thanks for all the love from everybody.

On June 19th was a meeting of the Sacramento Catholic Forum, Radio Santisimo was present to promote the radio and to hear Auxiliary Bishop Myron Cotta Speak.  We even took a selfie (which I will post once I upload the photos from my phone). His Excellency, Bishop Cotta, shared the story of his call; to conversion, the priesthood and the episcopate. It was very moving and inspiring. Bishop Cotta is a man of great spirituality who has no qualms in sharing that.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce that we have two new seminarians for the Diocese of Sacramento. Bishop Soto accepted Stephen Wood and Ivan Franco as candidates to the priesthood.  This month they will interview for seminary and if accepted start the path to priesthood in August at Mt Angel Seminary. Soon we will have pictures and more information on this two new seminarians.

I just saw this video on the priesthood. It’s a bit long, nine minutes but take the time to watch. It was a great reminder for me as I watched and hopefully inspiring for you. Consider it! Consider Priesthood!


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