The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, California
Office of Vocations - 2110 Broadway - Sacramento, CA 95818 -


Baptized, confirmed and practicing Roman Catholic men with a desire to serve God and His people as a priest in the Diocese of Sacramento must possess the following general qualifications:

1. Faith in and love for Christ and His Church.
2. Good moral character.
3. A high school diploma with favorable academic abilities.
4. Emotional balance and maturity.
5. Good physical health.
6. Psychological readiness and capacity to pursue a sustaining, life-long commitment.
7. A deepening habit of prayer and a balanced devotional life.
8. Maturity to recognize and the willingness to respond to the needs of others.
9. Readiness to serve in the manner to which he is called by God through his Bishop.
10. A developing spirit of detachment that helps him be in the world but not of the world.
11. Freedom to enter this state in life.


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