The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, California
Office of Vocations - 2110 Broadway - Sacramento, CA 95818 -

Discernment Test

Signs of a Vocation

1. Have I experienced God’s love in my life?
2. Do I believe, practice and promote my Catholic faith?
3. Do I participate in my Catholic parish?
4. Does the ministry I participate in at the parish energize me more than my job?
5. Am I searching for a way to share my gifts, talents, and passions with others?
6. Do I desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?
7. Does my relationship with God give me strength and direction?
8. Am I willing to offer my life for the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church?
9. Do I like working with people and do I get along with men and women from all walks of life?
10. Do I want to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of people?
11. Do I find myself imagining myself as a priest, especially at Mass?
12. Do I long to find more meaning, fulfillment and joy in my life?
13. Does the idea of becoming a priest keep coming back time and again?

If you answer “Yes” to two or more of these, then you may have a vocation to the Priesthood. Contact the Vocations Office for more information.


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