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Warren Smith and Fr. Chase invite you to the Collar Cup!

On July 1st at Papa Murphy Park in Sacramento, our priests and seminarians will meet each other on the soccer field in the first ever Collar Cup! While this author may have some bias (go sems!), the afternoon promises to be fun, faith-filled, and and exciting. Join special guest Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck for Mass with a blessing of athletes. The priests vs. sems soccer match will follow. Stay after the Collar Cup match for a professional game featuring the Sacramento Republic and the San Antonio FC.

Check out the following videos from Sacramento Republic owner Warren Smith and Fr. Chase himself!

For tickets and more information, visit the Collar Cup website or call the Office of Vocations at 916-733-0258.

Introduction from Warren Smith:

Invitation from Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck:



Fiat: Seminarians and Summer Vacation

Well, another academic year is completed. By the time of this posting, most seminarians from around the country will have returned to their home dioceses. These first couple weeks of summer often serve as a time to visit family, go on vacation, and relax after the rigors of final exams at the seminary. For my own part, after I returned home to Sacramento I had the joy of visiting Lake Tahoe and celebrating my niece’s first birthday with family and friends. This coming week I will help out with confirmations at my home parish, celebrating with my parish community and Bishop Soto a crucial moment in the life of these young people. Please keep them all in your prayers, and please pray for me and Alex as we prepare ourselves and the other servers for the Mass!

From left to right: myself (Dean) and Joshua, a fellow Theology I seminarian from Sacramento, during a visit he took up to Mt. Angel a few weeks ago.

Do not think, however, that the entire summer is spent relaxing! No, the life of a seminarian during the summer, while different when compared to the school year, is just as busy and filled with numerous opportunities for ministry, prayer, and continued discernment and growth towards God’s will in our lives.

Case in point: the seminarians for the Diocese of Sacramento recently received our summer assignments, and they are as varied as the seminarians themselves. Some of us will be serving in parishes, some will be headed to Mexico for language immersion, while still others will be headed to their home countries to visit family. In our Diocese, some of us also serve on what we call the “Fiat Missions.” I and several other guys, including Alex who is a frequent blogger here on Consider Priesthood, will be traveling around the Diocese, giving talks and mini-retreats at various parishes. These retreats are meant to foster and encourage vocations, specifically to the Diocesan priesthood here in the Diocese of Sacramento.

As the group of us travel around the Diocese, our hope is that we can share with you all, especially those of you who are discerning a call to the priesthood, the joy and gift of this wonderful vocation! We hope to share how seminary has helped us to grow closer to our Lord and how He works in each of our lives. Participating in the Fiat Mission throughout the summer is always very edifying for me, as I get to hear the stories of my brother seminarians and how they came to where they are now. Our hope is that through the sharing of these stories, as well as sharing what it is like to be a seminarian in our Diocese, we will be able to encourage some of you to make your own “fiat,” to say yes to the Lord and to consider priesthood.

Please pray for us; know that you remain in our prayers always. As I travel around the Diocese with my brother seminarians during the Fiat Missions, I will try to get a post up here and there detailing my experiences. The summer promises to be exciting!

Pax et bonum.


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