From the Week


This weekend I took our youth group down to the 8th annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. It is a great event to reveal to young people the true fight for the dignity of the human person. I always find it interesting that counter-protestors come out and display hostile and negative attitudes towards the walkers. Rather than showing that they are able to dialogue, they come out and attack. They reveal quite easily for the youth that there really is a battle, and it is a battle between good and evil. They reveal what evil looks like.

We passed by one of the first groups of counter-protestors and one of them quickly realized I was wearing a roman collar. So he began to shout at me and started pointing at me and calling me vulgar names. My kids were shocked. To be honest, I was not quite expecting it. Usually they just chant and scream their slogans or insult the Catholic faith. It was my first time with some direct anti-Catholic priest type speech. But we dealt with it in silence.

Indeed it was a great weekend. And the local news did actually pick up the story for a couple minutes.

Let us continue to pray for the end to abortion and all attacks on the dignity of the human person.


Whatever vocation we are called to live, there is necessary sacrifice. If we are called to marriage, we surrender some of our favorite hobbies, our personal comforts, and our free use of time for family. So also with the priesthood, people speak of sacrifice. One sacrifice always on my mind in the fall and winter months is my old ritual of Sunday football. My 10am-430pm routine has been shattered by the working day of a priest, or in my case, seminarian. But it is worth the sacrifice and more – especially considering the 49ers finally ran out of juice.


Tuesday I gathered with my 2 pastoral year seminarian brothers for a meal and conversation. We had a good time discussing parish life and the joys and struggles.


Thursday I was at Presentation Parish in Sacramento visiting with the students as the parish school. I think after 2 hours they know everything you can know about discernment, seminary life, and priestly formation without having gone through the entire process. Thanks to the Dominican Sisters, Fr. Leatherby, and Presentation students for having me!


We are doing some interviews and hiring in the next couple weeks here at St. Joseph’s so please pray for the transition. I have to say I am especially invested in this whole process as I have been filling in for some of these currently vacant positions so I cannot wait!